Grand Opening Event at Brent Indian Association Centre

30 July 2022

2 – 4 pm

Join us for the Grand Exhibition Launch on 30 July 2022 from 2 to 4pm at the Brent Indian Association Centre in Ealing Road (Wembley).

The locally based Dhol drum group Rhythm ‘N’ Bass introduces the audience to the thundering drum beats from the Punjab. Anita Rupareli (Secretary General of Brent Indian Association), Rubina Charalambous (Town Centre Manager of Brent Council), Cllr Fleur Donnelly-Jackson (responsible for Culture), and the project manager Rolf Killius address the crowd with short speeches.

Grand Closing Event at TRADER Wembley

20 August 2022

7 – 11 pm

Join us for the Final Bashon 20 August 2022, 7 – 11pm at the TRADER Wembley

Final Bash pre-Carnival all-female event with the Good Vibes DJ Carmen London, the Afro-Alté singer Nina Rose, the lyrical Singer-Songwriter Natalie Lindi and the London Carnival Dancers Melissa-Ebony Camberbatch and Nicole Bastien-Morris at TRADER Wembley.

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