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How often do we buy clothes, visit restaurants or shops in one of the numerous shops along the famous Ealing Road in the heart of Wembley connecting Wembley Central and Alperton Stations? Don’t we all want to know the stories of the people behind those well-stocked and multifaceted businesses and exciting community centres? Or, did one ever listen to the unusual sounds we encounter along this busy road?

From 30 July to 20 August 2022, both sides of Ealing Road in Brent, West London, are the host of a major exhibition based on sounds and photographs of this famous road. On 30 July, the exhibition opens with a free spectacle from 2 to 4 pm on the premises of the colourful Brent Indian Association Centre. The closing session is a swinging party with local bands and a DJ at the TRADER Wembley from 7 to 11 pm. For both events local shops provide tasty food and exotic drinks.

In short, the project aims to create onsite exhibitions, presenting large photographs, posters, 100 sound examples and a short film. A similar exhibition will be created as an app for mobile phones and laptops; one experience all sounds while virtually walking along Ealing Road.

The relatively short stretch of Ealing Road in Wembley, West London represents everything in London, by far the largest city in Europe, stands for: a hub of multicultural life, made up of communities representing cultures of the whole world and thriving businesses to the benefit of customers and owners alike. For the last 60 years, this area of London has benefited from a significant impact of immigrants not only from the Indian Subcontinent; they have shaped and developed this area. Their cultures, beliefs, business acumen and food traditions have enriched the lives of all communities in this part of London and beyond.


The movers and shakers of the project are the curators and audio-visual producer Rolf Killius and the sound artist Hardi Kurda; both are part of the theatre company Mukul and the Ghetto Tigers led by the legendary theatre director Mukul Ahmed. As the people of the Ealing Road tell their stories, they become co-curators in this project.

The Ealing Road Sounds facilitators express their gratitude that the Brent Council (NCIL fund) generously funded this project.

Exhibition Closing Event


Carnival Dancer - Melissa Ebony

Carnival Dancer Nicole Bastien-Morris

Singer-Songwriter Natalie Lindi 

Afro-Alté singer Nina Rose

DJ Carmen London

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